When Your Child Becomes Yoda

My son is a college student and a video gamer. His favorite game is OSU! Involving clicking on circles that move in time to music in complex patterns. He has gotten good enough at it to have a following and often posts videos to YouTube on the subject. I watched one of his more recent videos and was truly amazed. The advice he gave to his community was the best life advice I have ever heard summed up into five points.

  1. Play the map all the way through. When you start, keep going even though you may not be successful. If you only ever learn how to navigate one part of the map, you will never improve your skill. Attempting to play all the way through will help you learn to deal with different patterns.
  2. It’s all in your head. Your attitude is important. You need to be positive and believe in yourself. Don’t hold yourself back mentally.
  3. Enjoy the game. Each time you play helps you improve even if you underperform or fail.  After each try pick out where you did well or improved.
  4. Go outside your comfort zone. Push yourself. Challenge yourself but not so much that you have no idea what is going on.
  5. Know your limits. Physically and mentally work your muscles. Some discomfort is a sign that you are growing, pain is a sign that you are going too far. Assess the situation and ask whether or not it will help you improve.

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