People/Sites I Love

A Kintsugi Life Finding the treasures in life’s scars. Website and shop about how the Japanese art of Kintsugi can help us see how the traumas of life and our imperfections make us who we are now.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking Podcast by Nora McInerny that ask people “How are you?” and listens to their honest answers.

Invisibilia a podcast about the unseen ideas, beliefs and forces that shape who we are and how we behave.

Dealing With My Grief Darwyn M. Dave’s podcast about how he his with the loss of his father (at age 10) and connecting with other people who are grieving.

Widow Land Life This is a podcast developed by widows that shares the stories of widows. This podcast is exceptional in the way that it candidly deals with difficult topics like addiction, trauma and suicide.

Coming Back Podcast: Conversations on Life After Loss. By Shelby Forsythia.

The Widowed Mom Podcast with Krista St. Germain Krista gives you tools to help change your thinking and move your life forward. You don’t have to be a widow or a mom to appreciate her advice.